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Seastrings Music Shop is owned by John Graves (me). This is my side business and something I do for enjoyment. Anything having to do with music and strings has been my #1 hobby since the late 70’s.

Seastrings Music Shop has been a retailer of stringed instruments in the Seattle area since 2008. I am a dealer for several acoustic guitar, mandolin, and ukulele manufacturers. For several years I was fairly active and running quite a bit of sales, services, and consultation to help players find just the right stringed instrument for their needs. Since 2015, this has become mostly a part time boutique business where I assist a few clients each year with special instruments and custom projects. I have some core ukuleles and mandolins in stock regularly but otherwise operate on special orders…

These days I spend most of my time running my family business with my wife, spending time with family, and can be found strumming my ukuleles, mandolins, and especially love to play my acoustic and lead worship/music at church — BUT, if you reach out to me on the contact page, I’d love to meet you and maybe help you find your next Uke, Mando, or Guitar!

Happy Strumming!