Hello!  Thanks for stopping by...

Since 2009 Seastrings (owned and operated by me -- John Graves) has built a reputation for servicing customers in the Seattle area and beyond with the highest quality of stringed instruments.  I have been a musician and performer in the Seattle area since 1978.  Seastrings started as a crazy "whim" idea as I became frustrated in recent years by the big box music stores and my inability to find super-high quality instruments that looked, played, and sounded great and were also not too expensive and not made in mass-produced factories with no story other than some faceless big company trying to make a buck. 

So, out of my own selfish and snobbish musical ambitions, I set out to bring small to mid-sized high quality brands to the Northwest who may not be available locally today.  I seek out builders/manufacturers who hand-make their instruments to be of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  I care greatly about tone, playability, appearance, style and matching the fit of each instrument for each customer and their preferences.  I carry items from manufacturers not typically sold in "big box" stores or larger retailers.  I am more of a boutique music instrument source and many times acting as a consultant or even "broker" for people who call me looking for and instrument for themselves, a child, or a present for a loved one.  

Some of my Guiding Principles:

  • I will carry a good selection of standard models for all levels and budget but will emphasize more of the "custom", unique, or special order models to differentiate Seastrings from other local shops.  My goal is not necessarily to compete with them but rather, to fill gaps and meet specific needs that might be under served.  
  • Dedicated to supporting local and regional small to mid-sized luthiers and manufacturers whenever possible.
  • I will serve my customers by spending the time necessary to educate, relate, and not just push the sale.  I try to be more of a consultant than a sales guy.