Referral Program


For past customers to refer friends & family resulting in a new sale / new customer I will offer a one-time merchandise credit.  The following *guidelines apply:

  • The new customer must have NOT purchased from Seastrings Music Shop in the past and must not already be on our mailing list and must be a reasonably verifiable unique person. 
  • The new customer must mention by name who referred them.
  • Credit will only be issued for the first purchase item made by each new customer but if you send multiple new customers the same applies each time.
  • Seastrings will also donate referral credit to one of our partner charities at your request on your behalf (your choice).  For information on what charities we support, see the Community page Links, Friends, and Info page HERE

Merchandise Credit will be issued as follows:

  • For new customer / new purchases, a merchandise credit of 5% toward your next purchase of a new instrument in the same price range –OR— approximate equal value of strings will be issued.  At some of the higher price ranges, you may choose to receive ukuleles, instrument cases, or other accessories up to the value of your credit.**

5% merchandise credit will be applied "after the selling price" and will not constitute a discount or further discount beyond the Seastrings advertised price.  Customer is responsible for any amounts exceeding the credit on purchases per our standard terms and conditions.  Shipping and other fees will be included when calculating "approximate" merchandise equivalents. 

*Merchandise credits through this program have no actual cash value and no cash or funds will be transacted, only merchandise credits and/or product as per the terms of this page.  Any shipping and fees related to this program will come out of the 5% credit and will be the responsibility of the customer.

**Seastrings Music Shop maintains the exclusive right to administer or change this policy at any times and these guidelines do not in any way imply or constitute a contractual agreement.  Seastrings, at its sole discretion may interpret and administer this referral program, including the immediate cancellation of or denial of referral credit without prior notice.